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• Tattoo repair
• Tattoo modification
• Tattoo covering

As an artist of internationnal reputation and a specialist in permanent make-up, you will be between good hands. We will advise you on the site, the size and the style for tattooing.

We carry out, at your request, all types of tattooings
Tribal Motif, Celte, Gothique, Chinese or other.

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What is tattooing

Tattooing is made with an electric pencil with a high precision needle. The needle used is sterilized and has a single use. All work is carried out according to the respect of hygiene.

CYBER-RED use a machine, with a computer integrated, who helps us to have the speed and the depth, for the result that we want. According to the type of skin, the part of face or of body, we need to reconsider the method to apply the colors (pigments).

  • The selected color; lifespan of each color being different.
  • The solar accumulation of exposure which can vary, to see even fading the color.
  • Cellular regeneration. With ageing, this one tends to slow down and the color holds better.
  • Capacity of phagocytosis, i.e. “digestion” of the pigment by the organization.
  • The ideal depth of the color pigment to ensure a good result at the level of the derm is from 2.5 to 3 mm.

For you ensure a maximum of comfort during the treatment, we employ three stages of local freezing. Following the treatment, the puffiness is tiny.

The tattooing artist

There are many different ways to present an artist's approach. Contrary to several artists, who try to secure a place into society, Joëlle B.Le Blanc appears to be in a special category of artists who have much to say. Her work bears witness to and speaks for itself. Her great sensibility has madeher a tireless traveler, for whom everything reveals a meaning that she generously and intensely expresses in her paintings. She is forever developing new techniques to improve her art.

Joëlle B. Le Blanc painter, engraver is not only excellent in herpermanent concerns to improve her technique, but also to modify her variations by combining four very special techniques. This results is a unique style. In the same manner, she presents a consistent style, one in which the movementof the body remains the witness of her own life as a competitor and professional dancer. She has forever attracted glances when her hand withdraws from the canvas and we are left suspended to the special effects of high contrasts; it's as if light was cleansing the dark scene in a movement that is both absolutelydramatic and sensual.

Through her perseverance, she won the recognition of her artistic peers and of collector investors who supported her. She was awarded International prizes and is highly encouraged. Moreover, her works quickly draw attention and since 1994 she has been selected as ambassador of Quebec Artin Europe as well as in Canada.  Joëlle B. Le Blanc, a name to remember...

After the tattooing

We clean, disinfect and apply an antibiotic ointment specialized to zinc to the treated area. Then the wound is covered with a sterile gauze. You will go out with the councils to follow and a case to ensure a good cure. You are entitled to two free final improvements in the first 4 months, after which, 50% of the initial amount will be asked for all other deteriorations.

The first three days

  • Desinfect and to mass with the healing cream two to three times per days.
  • If the skin is congested, to pulverize mineral water or to use compress of ice.
  • The application of compress of physiological salt solution will activate the fall of the small crusts.
  • The only care for the contour of the eyes is the application of ice floes in a towel.
  • The layout of the surgical pencil disappears in the 24 hours.

During one week

  • Not chlorine (swimming pool)
  • Not salt on the contour of the pigmented zone.
  • To avoid any source of vasodilatation, sauna, hammam, jacuzzi, etc

During two weeks (or until cicatrization)

  • No solar exposure or living room of bronzing without protection. The sun can modify the color.
  • The final color appears gradually.

Other infos

Which are the risks ?

No risk of allergy since the pigments are hypoallergenic and contain iron oxide to which are added other elements such as the titanium oxide (minerals) During the pregnancy, there is however a risk of hyperpigmentation.

Side effects

  • Some rednesses can possibly appear and persist from 1 to 4 jours.
  • The swelling of the treated zone produces a small retention of water being able to last 24 hours.
  • We suggest applying if need be, of the compress of ice wrapped in a towel.
  • We give you an ointment containing zinc (not of Polysporin) to use until the cure, it is used for maintaining the hydration and preventing the infection.

Who cannot

  • Personnes of less than 18 years
  • Haemophiliacs
  • Epileptics
  • People carrying cardiac regulator (pace maker)
  • People reached of cutaneous infections
    (to await the cure before the execution of the treatment)


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